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Day is Done - Compact Disc

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Day Is Done: 150th Anniversary of Taps

Format - Compact Disc

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Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of America's most famous bugle call, this unique CD recording contains a variety of performances of the bugle call Taps, other related bugle calls, 'Taps' calls from around the world , and more than 15 orchestrations for concert bands, soloists, vocalists, brass ensembles and narration inspired by Taps.

Presented are three world premieres, 'Honoring Veterans' by Steven Behnke, Douglas Hedwig's 'Tone Poem on Taps,' and a choral arrangement by Jari Villanueva entitled 'Day is Done.' The album features several different bugle and trumpet soloists, and a booklet of photos and extensive program notes accompanies the CD.

Track Listings

1 Prelude to Taps, for narrator & bugle

2 Tattoo, bugle call

3 To Extinguish Lights, bugle call

4 Three Drum Taps, drum call

5 The Scott Tattoo, for flugelhorn

6 Taps, bugle call medley

7 Tenting On the Old Campground

8 Lights Out

9 Taps: Eternal Father, bugle call

10 Taps: Part-Song for Memorial Day, bugle call

11 Taps, bugle call medley: The Golden Star

12 Taps, bugle call medley: Taps in G

13 Taps, bugle call medley: Taps as sounded at Arlington National Cemetery

14 Taps, bugle call medley: Taps at the funeral of John F. Kennedy

15 Taps, bugle call medley: Harmonized Taps

16 Taps Prologue, bugle call

17 Taps for ensemble

18 A Bugler's Fantasy, for brass ensemble

19 Taps (for Maynard), bugle call

20 Taps for the Fallen Brave, for trumpet & brass ensemble

21 Taps, for narrator, bugle & brass ensemble

22 The Bugler's Lament, for bugle & brass ensemble

23 Last Post, bugle call

24 The Rouse, bugle call

25 Aux Morts, bugle call

26 Ich hatt' einen Kameraden, bugle call

27 Il Silenzio

28 Pahingalay, bugle call

29 The Call Has Come: Apotheosis on Taps, for trumpet & brass ensemble

30 Day Is Done, for vocal ensemble

31 Honoring Veterans, for brass ensemble

32 Tone Poem on Taps, for brass ensemble

33 Taps for Band

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